Gear Review – EmberLit SS Stove

After an exciting, albeit busy summer of field work in the Arctic interspersed with frequent camping trips, I am happy to be back to blogging here at All Pro Outfitters! One of the things that I enjoy most about spending time outdoors is the act of cooking over a fire. Typically, I’ll accomplish this task […]

Bushcraft Skill Development from the comfort of your own home – Part II

This next post is the second in our series on do-it-yourself, at-home bushcrafting-related projects, and will discuss making your own task wax.   Project 2 – Making Task Wax   A good beeswax-based task wax can serve innumerable purposes both at home and in your bushcraft/camping kit. These uses can include: Skin treatment for dried […]

Bushcraft Skill Development from the comfort of your own home!

Bushcraft skill development may often seem to be hindered by a lack of available time to get out into the woods for extended periods. If you’re at all like me, then chances are you simply don’t have the time to get out for multiple-day trips quite often enough for your liking due to other commitments. However, there are many specific skills pertinent to bushcrafting that you can continue to develop from home between trips to the woods.

A Hunters Emergency Kit Part 4: Containers and Cordage

  If you spend any amour of time in the woods, you know that a drink of water is a nice thing to have with you even when it’s just a normal outing and you’re not in survival mode. But, throw in being lost or stranded for a few days and then it can be […]

Winter Woodland Wandering

With a few days of down time from work on the horizon, I decided last minute to take a trip up to the rugged and beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park, a 7 653 km2 Park situated in the Algonquin Highlands of Ontario, Canada. Previous years of seasonal employment in the Park allowed me the opportunity to […]

Open Carry Paradox

I hate to interrupt my emergency preparedness series, but something has been eating at me for some time. I know a young man that legally carries his pistol openly on his hip. I know this guy and I do believe he does it for the wrong reasons, i.e. attention and grandstanding. I have preached and […]

Disaster Syndrome: Does it exist?

All Pro Outfitters

Our last article briefly covered the three main categories to consider when adopting a self reliance plan or “prepping” for a disaster: Geographic Location, Social Environment, and Personal Assets. Today we are going to talk about realistic expectations during a disaster.   Preparedness experts know you should have enough supplies to see you and your […]

Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared

All Pro Outfitters

Wow! It’s happening around the world and at home. Floods, tornadoes, riots, famine, droughts, religious persecution, social unrest, financial instability, terrorist attacks. When one thinks about it, there is a lot going on. 24 hour news, when you cut through the sensationalism, does report actual events, regardless the slant. Bad things happen and we can […]

A Hunters Emergency Kit: Part 3, Fire


There is one thing that every hunter in the majority of this country will face every year… cold temperatures. And if you find yourself  lost or stranded and have to spend a night or two in the woods, then a warm fire will quickly become your best friend. Not only will it keep you warm […]